Healing Touch Session: Questions answered.

healing-touchWhat is the first session like?

When you come for a Healing Touch Treatment you will be greeted in a friendly courteous manner. All conversations and treatments will be confidential (Healing Touch Certified Practitioners adhere to all laws and regulations both provincial and federal). The Practitioner is nonjudgmental and will offer you a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.   Practitioner and Client will talk about Healing Touch, review goals and reasons for coming for treatment. A consent form will need to be signed and the practitioner will review this with client. The Practitioner will do an intake with the client in order for the practitioner to have a better understanding of where the focus needs to be and of the client.  Once all the “paperwork” is completed the client will be asked to lie on the massage table. A blanket and pillow are provided for your comfort. From there the practitioner will ask the client if she has permission to do the work and whether the client prefers touch (light noninvasive touch) or no touch (meaning the practitioner will work with hands above the client’s body). Sometimes, even if the client is okay with touch, the practitioner will be guided by the energy field to work above the body with no touch. From there the session begins, initial treatment takes between 1.5 hours to 2 hours.  Following treatments can be 30 – 60 min pending on the client.

What should I wear to a Healing Touch Treatment?

Wear comfortable clothing if you can. You will be asked to remove shoes, belts, glasses, and some pieces of jewelry.

healing-touch-day-spaWhat will I experience during the Healing Touch Session?

Every person varies, as everyone is different. Some people do not experience anything at all. Some people feel hot, cold or tingling sensations. Some people may experience leg jolts, you may have visions of images, see different colors. You may laugh, you may cry. You may gain insight on a specific area of your life. You will be supported through every process and are able to ask questions at any point throughout the session. It is important to be in the moment and feel what you feel and breathe into the experience.  You can stop the treatment at any point if you are uncomfortable or so chose. You are in charge of the session, the practitioner is there to facilitate and guide you through the process!

What will it be like after the Healing Touch Session?

This also varies for everyone. You may walk away feeling a bit tired, or energized. You will feel more relaxed and grounded. Your body will be more centered as all your energy fields would be aligned.  You may feel more connected to yourself, or have learned something new about yourself. You may feel closer to your source, the elements, etc.  You may go home and want to journal. It is always recommended that, if you can, after the treatment to go home and relax and take it easy.

How do distance treatments work?

The client and the practitioner will setup a date and time. Depending on how it is arranged, the practitioner will inform you of when the starting time is of the treatment or will start the treatment at the time set. The client can get comfortable, play soft music and either lie down or sit in a comfortable position (whatever the client finds relaxing), or the client can go about their daily activities but slowly  become more open and aware that the practitioner is doing work. The practitioner will do the treatment and will let the client know when she is done. The practitioner and the client can talk about the experiences over the phone, or skype or the practitioner can also send an email to the client with everything that arose during the treatment. The client will experience the same sensations as they would if they were in person.

If you have more questions or would like to experience a treatment please contact me!


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