Lucinda’s skills and abilities as a Healing Touch Practitioner were evident in our first sessions.  Using her kind approach, intuition, and insight she works with us to facilitate the identification and release of patterns and energy that no longer serve our highest good.  She facilitates the infusion of good, balanced energy and always ensures we’re grounded before departing.

We have had several sessions with Lucinda and our trust in the process and her abilities has continually increased.  Each session has been a valuable experience and we’ve seen improvements in our health and well-being.  In one particular session her capacity to support and empower enabled a major release from an experience in the past that was impeding current health and happiness.  Without Lucinda the courage to let that all go would never have been there.  We are so happy she is on our team and highly recommend her as a practitioner!!

With gratitude and appreciation for all you do!W & D

We need more caring people looking out for each other in this world .. and I feel that is exactly what Lucinda does. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she is very professional and makes you feel super comfortable!
You can tell that this is more than just a job for her and that she truly cares and wants to help others!
We all go through rough stressful times and deserve some relaxation and some “me” time.
I highly recommend giving her a try! I know all of us mothers put our kids and family first and all the stress can catch up to us.
Take an hour for yourself every once in awhile, it really is worth it! Amber B
A quick note to thank you for all of the Healing Touch sessions, and also the one Raindrop Therapy session I was so fortunate to receive! Your passion for your work is always evident. What I so appreciate is your intuitive and thoughtful approach to each and every treatment.The Raindrop Therapy treatment was a particular treat; a magical combination of massage and essential oils!Julie
I had heard several reviews about Raindrop Therapy and knew I had to try it. I have a lot of back pain that causes migraines but after one treatment with Lucinda I could feel the tension in my neck loosen up and my migraine did not return for several days. I felt very comfortable and completely relaxed after my treatment with Lucinda, very professional and knowledgeable.Amber
I tried the Natural Facelift Massage and I honestly wasn’t expecting such a difference from only one treatment! The dark circles under my eyes were drastically reduced, and my deep smile lines were less visible. I can not wait to get another one!.Krista
I had a Healing Touch session with Lucinda, and I can’t say enough how great it was. It was done over the phone, but it was just as good as being in front of her! She was very thorough. She provided me so many great solutions to help me with issues in my life. She is very kind and easy to talk to. I was very impressed with the session, and I would definitely recommend anyone to see Lucinda! I would also specifically recommend her Healing Touch sessions if you are looking for some guidance and direction in your life. She is amazing!!Carrie
The angel reading I received from Lucinda truly amazed me.  It’s like she has known me my entire life: my biggest dreams, my deepest fears, everything.  She opened my eyes to my strengths that I have been downplaying, and am so excited to embark on my next journey in life, thanks to Lucinda.  By the end of it, I was crying tears of joy, which is big, as I am not one to show strong emotion like that.  Honestly one of the best things I have ever done.  I will be back!Mandy, Life Coach
I have been working in the healing industry for a number of years and have experienced many healing sessions. My favorite by far is the healing touch I received from Lucinda. She is truly a gifted healer. She tapped into everything I needed to hear. I was astounded by the detail she found out about me, uncovering my deepest joys and working through some of my deepest blocks. My life has changed for the better since her treatment. By the end of the session I was pure love. I felt so much joy. I was a kid again. I continue to be inspired from her session and am taking action in my life, to live authentically who I am. I am eternal grateful for the session.Latasha
Lucinda, ever since your healing touch treatment the pain in my hip and the emotional heaviness I was feeling has subsided. I feel so much lighter, and people around me keep telling me that too. I am happier and also much more positive about the future. Thank you for your time & your gifts, and not to mention the guidance you were able to give me from my helpers in spirit. BlessingsSherry
I only attended a few sessions of Healing Touch with Rooted Energy, mainly to work on issues related to stress management and fertility. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical at first, but my husband and I now credit Lucinda with helping us conceive our 15-month-old son! I went back when we were trying fo our next child, and lo and behold, we conceived within a month. Lucinda is a very gifted energy worker!Christine
Lucinda introduced me to Raindrop Therapy. I had been hearing about the technique for a number of years so was very curious to try it. I find Raindrop not only relaxing during the procedure but have experienced some pretty incredible effects even at 18hrs after the treatment. After my last Raindrop session I had an important meeting the follwoing afternoon, which is usually not my best time of day. What was different after having the Raindrop Therapy was I had this incredible calmness as well as confident exhilaration and clarity of mind. The meeting had a great outcome! I think everyone needs to try Raindrop Therapy, your body and mind will thank you!Susan
I highly recommend Lucinda for both Healing Touch and Raindrop Therapy. Aside from being very sensitive and nurturing while performing these thechniques, Lucinda is profoundly intuitive which heightens the healing outcome of every session. As a wholistic practitioner, Lucinda is above and beyond!Illiki, Editior of Timeless magazine
Thank you for the treatment and sharing your guidance you received. It was truly a beautiful experience working with you. You held me in a place of scaredness, and light and offered wisdom that was very timely and applicable to the next step of my journey. Thank you for empowering me to move forward with more trust and clarity. Your gentleness and ability to see what my heart, mind and body needed to be nourished for more health and vitality was perfect and practical. You are a very gifted practitioner.Tara, Enlighten the Soul.