Transitioning and Transforming Through Life.

Summer time is fast approaching. Springtime rains are rejuvenating and transforming the earth. In this transition we can watch the growth around us. This time allows us to reflect the transitions we experienced in life and be grateful for what we have transformed into!
Transformations and transitions occur in life, sometimes they are little and sometimes they are large. Sometimes these transformations and transitions come to us as a surprise and we are forced to reassess our situations and take a step back and look at where we go now. In April, one of these transitions hit me, took me by surprise and made me realize it was time for a transformation to occur in my life. I had to revisit where I was and how to make this a positive transition.

As I watched everything around me bloom, grow and colors reappear, I thought about myself, my light and how I grow and change throughout the year. How do I handle these transformations and transitions in life? I think about what areas in life I focus the most and the least on? I wonder why that is. This recent transition, I really felt that I stepped out of my body for awhile; I did not want to be part of the emotional pain I was going through. I went and seen my energy worker and I felt myself step back in my body; I was ready to face the world and face the issues I was going through, I was ready to transform. I reevaluated the situation and how I was going to handle it and how I had to make the best of the situation. The words that I was taught came back to me “Treat yourself how you would treat your best friend”. I know that I support my friends through life transitions and proud of the transformations that occur in their lives. I decided that I was going to use my tools, which I have learned along my journey to get me through this transition. Some of these tools I had to pull out of the closet, dust off and use. I am still working and still using these tools and every day gets better. Every day I feel my light starting to shine through again, I feel like myself again, but I feel once I get through this transition I will transform into a new and improved me. I believe that through every situation/transition in life there is a lesson to be learned. These situations and cycles will continue until you learn this lesson, so I’m trying to learn my lesson now then have the situation repeat itself! As I transition I am letting go of what was and being open to what is.

It is good to have a good support system to help transition, to help you see the smaller transformation that occur because sometimes ego gets in the way and does not allow us to see it. If you need assistance or feel stuck in your transformation, please feel free to contact me for assistance. Journeying through life’s transitions is a very personal journey; sometimes it is good to have someone to teach us tools to help with this journey, give an energetic boost we need and the encouragement to go forward, which is why I am here and what Rooted Energy is about.

Butterfly-TransformationI love caterpillars and butterflies; how they are a great example of transitioning and what they transform into. If you read about the life transition of a caterpillar to a butterfly it is a fantastic example of transformations and transitions in life. They go through a lot (of transitions) to become a beautiful butterfly. That cocoon stage is the time they give themselves  to allow this growth and transition, a journey they alone can only do, a beautiful transitional process. They get comfortable with themselves, allowing the changes to occur and truly believe they will get through this and transform into a beautiful butterfly. They may be scared of what is ahead, sad to leave behind the life they know, but they go through it and look at what they become. Once they become a butterfly they still transition and will continue to do so until death. It is one of those things in life we can’t escape; but it is the learning process through these transitions that help with the next.

Are you ready to embrace life transitions and transform your life to a beautiful positive one, to the beautiful new you? I know I am!

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  1. So true Lucinda! Thanks for this post.
    Spring is a time of renewal. Time to clean out the clutter and re-evaluate what isn’t working. Sometimes it takes a small change and other times a huge change. You can’t think about what could have been. If it was supposed to be it would have happened already.
    I am trying to do this with a lot of small small things right now. It is hard but I just know when a change needs to happen and I have no choice but go with it 🙂
    Lots of love and light my beautiful friend xx

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