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Doula at Home


As a doula, my role in births is to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support for my client(s).  I commenced my Doula Training the winter of 2015 through Birth Rhythms. I was compelled to be a doula as I saw the importance of holding and maintaining the sacred space which occurs during the birthing process, honoring the journey of both the mother and the baby. As a doula I am not only a support, but a resource. I want my clients to plan for the births they want, and I will be there to support and encourage through the birth she has.

My background in holistic therapies offers wonderful tools to add to my doula toolbelt.

I would be honored to journey with you through this sacred time. (Please contact me to set-up a time to meet to see if we are a compatible fit for each other. I encourage each client to interview at least 3 Doulas to find their best fit). 

Tiny Feet

I have been working in the healing industry for a number of years and have experienced many healing sessions. My favorite by far is the healing touch I received from Lucinda. She is truly a gifted healer. She tapped into everything I needed to hear. I was astounded by the detail she found out about me, uncovering my deepest joys and working through some of my deepest blocks. My life has changed for the better since her treatment. By the end of the session I was pure love. I felt so much joy. I was a kid again. I continue to be inspired from her session and am taking action in my life, to live authentically who I am. I am eternal grateful for the session.

- Latasha

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